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If you want to incorporate automated shading or window treatment technology into your home, talk to our Shading Solutions team who are able to provide a full design and installation service that gives you ultimate shading and light control.

Shade Types

Providing a shading solution that fits the design and operation of your home is an important part of your total home project.


Window Treatments and Automation

There are a number of important benefits associated with power shades, our team knows them all.

Manual Shades

All the fabric options and types of shades in our manual shade offerings. Many homes will have a combination of manual power shades, taking advantage of applying the technology where best determined and a cost effective result in the balance of window treatments.

Custom Pockets

The ability to have your shades disappear seamlessly into hidden pockets that have been engineered to ensure perfect operation and maintenance is what our Shading team excel at. Working closely with architects and the contractors, we deliver a solution that ensures the shades are only seen when in the down position, providing the best of both worlds.


Whether you are seeking a variety of Blackout and Privacy shade cloths, Solar protection from the harshest UV rays or Thermal protection that will assist in energy effciency, our team can recommend the best product for your requirement. All of these different fabrics come in full range of colour options.

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