Roller Shades

Sleek and elegant, roller shades are a popular choice for their versatility and variety of styles. With extremely silent motors and the ability to hide rollers out of sight, this type can be discreetly integrated into any décor. Dual roller shades can also deliver both light-filtering and blackout shades on the same window for multiple purposes within one room.

Roman Shades

Roman shades add visual impact to a room, with different fabrics, pleats, and folds creating unique aesthetic statements. Whether you want a more regal look, something traditional, or even a more modern flair, there’s a roman shade style to suit your taste.

Skylight Shades

Easily control the sunlight streaming through your skylights with automated shades. Skylight shading systems can be designed to allow natural light in while keeping unsightly cables out of the way. Skylight shades can be mounted outside, inside, or recessed for added flexibility.

Drapery Shades

Draperies add a soft, graceful touch to your décor. Control pinch and pleat, styles on straight, curved, bent, and custom tracks to suit your unique environment. Even details such as motor, arm, and draw styles can be fine-tuned for touch sensitive controls, adjustable speed settings, and soft starts and stops, adding an element of dramatic motion to your window treatments.