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Houses of Worship – Smart Technology Solutions for your Church AV system and more.

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, more and more Houses of Worship are finding  that performance technology not only improves communication on days of worship but also helps distribute messaging throughout the weeks events at the Church. Easily distribute audio and video from the sanctuary throughout the building or to your congregation anywhere in the world. With Crestron technology, easy-to-use tools for your administration team are literally at their fingertips. One tap on an intuitive touch screen streams a video, displays messaging, broadcasts sanctuary happenings, or begins recordinglive events that can later be distributed to congregation abroad. Crestron systems can support hundreds of rooms within a building while leveraging existing infrastructure. Remote management capabilities cut down on the time spent troubleshooting technology so that your team can fully utilize their time in church.

Create flexible spaces that can host a youth group on tuesday nights and fundraiser on friday evenings. Crestron’s technology solutions lend themselves to large scale new builds as well as phased renovations. Allow groups within your congregation specific access to the technology, affording them an easy and secure user experience.

Start your Crestron smart technology system with basic AV, and over time incorporate Crestron Smart Lighting Control, Crestron power shading, security integration and access control. Enjoy the ease and piece of mind with the capability to remotely control and manage your church’s smart systems from a single user friendly interface. Designate specific levels of control for various groups and team members allowing them specific access to your Chruch AV system as well as other smart technology in the system.

Church AV
Church AV
Church AV

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