As we all know, Vancouver Island’s weather is unpredictable at best. During a power outage, a backup generator provides you and your family the safety and convenience of a fully operational home.

An automatic transfer switch working in tandem with the generator will automatically start the generator and restore power to your home. If the convenience of the automatic transfer is not for you, there are manual transfer switches available.

Power just the appliances and lights you need, or go for a larger generator to power your entire home. The choice is yours. No matter what your needs or budget, the Wenner team can install the right generator system for your home.

With locations in Nanaimo and Victoria, the Wenner team services the major Vancouver Island hubs, as well as the surrounding areas.

At Wenner, we not only install generators, we also service them. Servicing your generator gives you peace of mind knowing that when your power goes out, the lights stay on. Contact our team to discuss a generator service or learn about one of our generator service plans.

250.758.2231 or [email protected]

At Wenner, we trust Kohler Generators for all our backup power applications. Kohler has proven to be the best quality and most reliable of any generator brand we’ve installed. We are proud to be a Kohler dealer, with Kohler certified technicians.

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