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Our Design Process

Success starts at the beginning, which is where we typically get involved with you. We work collaboratively with yourselves, your designers and builders to plan our involvement in your new home.  We prepare a full set of CAD drawings for lighting, electrical, audio/video and security design overlaid on your architectural drawings. We base this design on your input and our expertise. We also prepare a fully itemized specification breakdown for each and every component of this design. The process is involved, but we make it simple as the technology that we deliver!

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Our Piece Of The Puzzle

We know that every project is different and no two houses are the same.  Our task is to take your vision and overlay our expertise, be it lighting control, audio/video, shading or security to deliver an outcome that goes beyond your expectation.

The Complete Picture

The challenge when designing and building a new home is to ensure that value for money is achieved while working in the parameters of a project budget.  We are able to provide a complete detailed proposal for your project that will clearly identify full scope and costs at the design stage…providing assurance that you will be getting what you want at an agreed cost.

The Experience Centres
In Nanaimo and Victoria

The Wenner Group has built two smart home experience centers that a true first for Western Canada, showcasing the latest in smart home technology. With so many products and an infinite number of design possibilities, the Wenner team has designed and built the ultimate immersive environment, providing a spaces to demonstrate award-winning technologies and offer both the industry specialist and the end client a unique experience. Play with controlled lighting, stream different audio and video in different rooms and watch shades seamlessly disappear into ceilings all from a single touchscreen interface or remote.

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An Integrated Solution

Imagine your new home being fully integrated in its operation…being able to control any or all aspects of your home, be it lighting, the shades, the temperature or the music…from a single touchpad or control, anywhere in your house. The following are the major aspects of an integrated intelligent home solution. We would welcome discussing these with you to assist in determining what elements are right for you.

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The Details

The Wenner Group of Companies covers the entirety of Vancouver Island, including the Gulf Islands and Beyond. Regardless of whether it is a single electrical requirement or an entirely new home project, we are here to listen to your needs


The Wenner Group of Companies team is fully committed to ensuring that the automation system you have in your home is always performing as designed and that you are getting maximum enjoyment from it.

Like any technology, hardware and software continues to evolve and as your supplier of this technology, we understand the importance of ensuring that you have all the latest upgrades and that your system is checked on a regular basis.

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Wenner Interior Design Partner Program

Designing a living space that expresses your clients’ individuality, balances form and function, and adds comfort and convenience is more challenging today than ever. Technology, such as theatre systems, lighting control, wireless networks and security systems are now the standard.

We realize that electronics can sometimes detract from your design. We also understand how to seamlessly blend technology into your designs so the integrity of your vision is maintained while delivering optimal convenience, security and energy savings for your client.

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