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The smart way to make more homes Crestron Homes.

Your idea of home

Each home is a unique expression of the lives lived there. Your life, taste and passions. Crestron brings your idea of home to life. Inviting and comfortable. Entertaining and secure. Made possible with smart home technology that is intuitive and simple. Instantly responsive to touch or the sound of your voice. A complete smart home system engineered to become invisible, so all that remains is the experience. Your experience. Your home. Just as you imagined.

Smart Lighting

Set the mood. Cooking for the family. A formal dinner. Movie or game night. A late night read. Lighting sets the tone. Your Crestron Home lighting control system dims at your command, brightens at your touch and allows you to tune the color and set the scene. Say “goodnight” and the lights shut. And every option comes with a warranty that ensures quality and durability. Read more.


Be thoroughly entertained.  Movies. Music. Gaming. Sports. Whatever your pleasure, the Crestron Home entertainment system is there to ensure you enjoy it. To the fullest. Seamlessly, on every screen. Perfectly, from every speaker. Effortlessly, from any touch screen, remote or mobile device.


Listen and enjoy. Imagine a sound system tuned for the most critical listener. Our award winning audio system and precision crafted speakers, fill your home with a clarity and quality to please the most discerning audiophile. Music, podcasts and news whenever you want it, on whatever platform you prefer, are simply a command away. See just how easy it is.


Sit back or lean in and enjoy CrestronDigitalMedia™. Our platform delivers a video experience that is simply cinematic. On every screen. In every room. Indoors and out. Watch multiple channels simultaneously. Select your preferred platform. Cable. Streaming. Satellite or Gaming system. It’s all there. Want to know more? Read on. Or take a look and see just how simple it is to enjoy.

Power Shading

let in the light. or not. Bathe your rooms in soft morning light. Or protect your home from the noon sun. Your smart shades respond to your every command with whisper quiet ease. And they do it in style Curtains, rollers, shades, blinds, sheers, romans and drapes come in a myriad of fabrics, colors and textures. Each unique because it’s made to your specifications. See our collection or choose a fabric of your own. All come with a lifetime warranty that ensures quality and durability. Read more.

Find your comfort zone

Would you like the lights to rise, and the shades to shut, when the sun sets? Or know the temperature will change at the same time every day? Or instantly respond when you say its “too hot” or “it’s too dark”? Crestron Home can be set to do what you want when you want it. Whether you want your home to be cool upon arrival, simply change the lighting, or do them both together, finding your comfort level is easy with a touch of your hand, from any Crestron Home touch point.

Embrace the seasons

Warm your house on your way home. Cool each room individually or every room simultaneously. A Crestron Home climate control system responds to your every need. Pre-program your home to change with the seasons or simply the time of day. And do it all by touch or voice command. See how it all happens seamlessly and instantly.

Below you will find brochures on the latest automation and integration solutions:

Crestron Smart Home Technology
Crestron Smart Home Technology
Crestron Smart Home Technology
Crestron Smart Home Technology
Crestron Smart Home Technology
Crestron Smart Home Technology