Situated in a prime Victoria beachside neighbourhood, this Concrete Insulated Panel (CIP) home features modern finished concrete walls inside and out, unparalleled energy efficiency and a complete home automation system from Crestron.

Our Role
Wenner had the privilege to be brought onto this unique project by its general contractor NZ Builders, who are industry experts in CIP home building. Unlike our ‘traditional’ wood frame builds, we are working with NZ to design the entire electrical, automation and security system layout in CAD and 3D ahead of any concrete panels being poured. We work in cooperation with NZ on each panel, carefully laying out all the necessary conduit, boxes, and fixtures, ensuring that when each panel is tilted into place that all technology requirements in the home are in place, as designed.

Our Approach
Our approach to this unique build is slightly different than our usual builds, without having the luxury of making changes and additions once the walls are up, our team was tasked with planning and accounting for every receptacle, light fixture, sensor and wire being in the right place and in a clean minimalist design as specified by the homeowners and their designer. A project like this relies on a very steady stream of communication between the General Contractor, the building designers, the interior designer Marni Laird, our system designers and technicians and ultimately the homeowners.

Graciously ‘slung’ above the home’s foyer, this unique fixture from Yellow Goat Design and specified by interior designer Marni Laird, demanded thoughtful consideration from our team of digital designers, and the crew from NZ to not only light the fixture but also plan an effective install. The final product will no doubt leave a lasting first impression as you enter the home.

This home is currently under construction, check out NZ’s Facebook page for all the updates!