This purpose built Vancouver Island commercial/industrial building combines contemporary industrial design with latest in automation technology, tailored to the needs of a specific end user.

Our Role

Wenner’s team of electricians, security techs and automation system integrators  provided the client with a single solution for the  building’s electrical, security, access control and integration needs. From the outset of site selection, through construction and finishing, our team was able to efficiently plan and execute a very clean and well-designed building without unnecessary delays and cost overages.

Our Approach

Through early consultation, our team learned how the building needed to serve multiple functions from an inventory warehouse, to office and meeting space, to large scale show room experience centre. With this knowledge our team was able to incorporate tailored features that would help the client maximize their investment in the final building and also plan for future expansion.

The Outcome

Upon completion, our client now has a building that is not only  striking in appearance, but fits their needs logistically, as well as an enjoyable  functional space for their team to work and meet  and  a ‘tool’ to help them grow as a company.