Located on a private rural estate property in Lantzville, this new home project was conceived as an opportunity to apply the latest in audio / video technology into their new home, controlled through the integrated automation system.

Our Role

The Wenner team designed and installed the entire project, in terms of all electrical and audio / video and automation technology. Our early involvement in the project ensured that all the key decisions relating to the prewiring of both Line Voltage and Low Voltage, was done in a way that offered flexibility as well as future proofing the system for potential changes. 

Our Approach

Through the use of our ‘System Design Guide’, our client worked through the house room by room, considering the variety of questions we raised; such as did they want to stream different music into different rooms, and did they want the Home Theatre room to be a front projection or a large television? The feedback this provided allowed us to design and specify a system that was tailored to the personalized way that they were planning on living and enjoying their home.

The Outcome

Our client has thoroughly enjoyed the technology that their new home delivers. The sound and visual experience they get from all parts of their home gives them endless pleasure. The simplicity of the control from touchscreens and remotes has demonstrated to them and their family that the technology is indeed fun not frustrating.